Hi there,

I’m Julia. I live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Ever since I remember the art and design were a big part of my life. For more than 15 years I have been creating beadwoven, bead embroidered, and soutache jewelry, handbags, beaded flowers, and gemstone bonsai trees. Most of the things I created I gave to my friends and relatives as gifts.

In 2012 I decided to try selling my creations. I opened website CraftBoutique.ca, and soon after I opened the Craft Boutique Canada store on Etsy. Later, I opened online store on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com to sell everything I make, including jewelry, gemstone bonsai trees, and epoxy resin accessories.

I sell handmade jewelry, which was made of natural gemstones, artificial stones, Japanese and Czech seed beads, glass beads, soutache braids, Shibori silk, and other high-quality materials. Every piece of my jewelry is unique and one of a kind.

My satisfied and loyal customers are located in Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Indonesia, Germany, Bulgaria, Belgium, Russia, and other countries.

I ship worldwide and offer FREE shipping within Canada and USA.

Thank you for visiting Craft Boutique website!